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About Aesthetic Collection

Welcome! My name is Jeannette. I have always loved the beauty, style and workmanship of old jewelry, accessories and collectibles. As a college student, I fondly remember wearing my grandmother’s swing coats, 1940s era wedge heels, and costume jewelry. It fit my sense of style and individuality as well as my budget. I started my collection then and have added to it over the years. I enjoy sharing my passion, knowledge and treasures with family and friends, old and new.

I am blessed to have a special relationship with my daughter, Irulan, who shares my appreciation for beautiful, timeless jewelry and accessories. In 2007, we decided to become business partners, collaborated, and created a line called Aesthetic Collection. The body of the collection features an exciting mix of vintage inspired, one of a kind, handcrafted jewelry, along with both antique and vintage jewelry, handbags, accessories, and collectibles. Our vision was to provide beautiful, classic and contemporary finds to be enjoyed, cherished and valued by the individuals that collect them.

Life has its seasons. My daughter, Irulan, is now happily married and I am blessed with two absolutely precious grandchildren, Audrey and Dylan. Irulan’s passion is her family. In terms of business, she is my extraordinary supportive consultant. She is also my favorite road trip buddy. We love the excitement of “treasure hunting” for materials and special finds.

I am now the active partner of Aesthetic Collection. I am thrilled to have realized my passion and found my voice in jewelry design. I take pride in my craftsmanship as I bring my designs from thought to substance, creating pieces that appeal to my senses as well as my spirit. I feel my jewelry is the result of equal parts creativity and love. I would describe my jewelry as vintage and soul inspired. My work is influenced by nature, spirituality, and feedback from valued customers. I enjoy exploring the individual tastes of my clients, finding out the colors and textures they like, discovering their style, and creating customized pieces for them to add to their collections.

Aesthetic Collection is my foundation, my roots. It has grown organically and branched out. The name I selected for my new jewelry line is JewelryByJai, representing Jeannette – me, Audrey – my precious granddaughter and Irulan – my awesome daughter. Just as they are so very much a part of my heart and my life, they are a part of what I lovingly create. The name perfectly represents the evolution of my business.

Besides my affinity for beauty and good craftsmanship, I believe that color and texture appeal both to one’s senses and one’s sense of well–being. I believe in the spiritual and healing properties of certain stones, crystals and metals. I care about the environment and get satisfaction in re-purposing pieces of jewelry. I believe that jewelry can make you smile and feel good. I enjoy the excitement of designing, the fun of finding the right materials, and the challenge, tranquility and satisfaction of making my jewelry. I love getting feedback and suggestions about my work. My ultimate reward is the joy I get from seeing a person’s face light up and smile when they look at and wear my jewelry.

If you like unique, often one of a kind, handmade designs that reflect an inspired approach to self-expression, individuality and personal style, if you like beautiful, fun, bohemian, classic, trendy ethnic, soul inspired jewelry, if you appreciate the significance of re-purposed jewelry, then you would be a wonderful addition to the Aesthetic Collection/ JewelryByJai family.

Welcome to our Unique Shopping Experience!

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